Anonymous: Remy! Your skin is so beautiful. I have an olive complexion kinda like your but a little darker. Do you use any BB creams or tanning moisturizers when you're in a rush to go some place and don't have time to do a full face of makeup? ALso, are you ever going to do any more makeup videos?? They were great!

thaaaank you <3i don’t use bb or cc creams, they tend to just make me look too dewey thorough out the day, tinted moisturizers do the same for me and i don’t like to look shiny. 

my full face of makeup honestly takes less than 5 minutes so i can usually always squeeze it in, but if i can’t i just put concealer and a swipe of mascara on my lower lashes, some creme blush and I’m out. 

as for the videos, no i really don’t have time anymore and I’ve phased out of doing makeup completely. xo

Anonymous: Hey Remy! I recently started breaking out for the first time in my entire life. I'm 26.. What would you recommend I use daily and at night? Also, what's the best concealer for breakouts

look at what you’re consuming and what you’re putting on your face. if that doesn’t help i would suggest a dermalogica esthetician. my favourite concealer switches daily but lately I’ve been loving ellis faas. xo

Anonymous: Hey Remy! I recently started breaking out and I've never had issues with acne before. I've been using cetafil, but for some reason it's not working like it used to. Do you recommend any skin care products or exfoliants, peels etc? How often do you do all of these things?

i wash my face with either purely perfect cleansing creme —- i wash my hair with it chafe my legs basically its my #1 — i also use aveeno positively radiant cleanser and aesop exfoliant.

if youre breaking out look first at what you’re putting in your body and on your skin and the amount of water you’re drinking. i don’t really do peels tbh, i don’t really have the need or time to. xo