Anonymous: How do Australia and NY compare as places to live? Can you see yourself settling in NY for good? I'm Australian and no matter how much I travel I feel I'll end up growing old back in Oz... xx

I mean to be honest, nothing compares to NY. And though I loooove Australia and I am so proud to be from there, its a gift and a curse that it is so far and not as densly populated. I knew NY was my home when I visited for the first time at 17. Growing up between two countries is all I know; So for me the life I aim to build is really between 2 or 3 countries. I really want my children to have ties with their Aussie roots and my whole family back there.

Anonymous: What's your favorite Manhattan neighborhood?

manhattan neighbourhood? well, i live my life below 14th street …… really below houston tbh. But I’m usually in SoHo or the LES daily.

more and more I seem to find myself in my hood which is Williamsburg. Predicting itll be a queens/bk kind of summer. What’s your favourite?


Anonymous: Who does your color? It's sick!!

thank you loooove. and miss roxie darling at cutler soho does it. SHE IS BEYOND FUCKING BRILLIANT do yourself a favour and see her immediately. 

Anonymous: You deserve those things then. You are inspiring.

yeaaaa i think i do as well. and thank you so much, that is so kind of you. just put a smile on my face <3. xx

Anonymous: Do you not have those? I thought you were with someone.

i am.

Anonymous: I'm gonna come to NY and steal you. Be on the look out.

i havent been kidnapped in a while, this could be fun. 

Anonymous: Happy birthday, I wish you the best (I'm the anon that told you a few months ago how thanksgul she was that you were the way you are on the Internet) xx

hello doll. i just saw this and thank you, it was a very happy and an awakened birthday. thanks for your kind words earlier <3<3 x.

Anonymous: have you found any concealer that really works for under eye circles? Also, what mascara do you use?

i naturally have suuper dark circles, thanks mum for a bit of spanish heritage. its probably the only reason i started to wear makeup to be honest. concealer is my total go to so im a little obsessed with it. ive found what works for me is to use a really bright Lorac concealer under my foundation and then use either ELLIS FAAS,  MAC select moisturecover or good old YSL Touche Éclat

Mascara: I have super short lashes that are not that dark but very curly on the top lashes i started this routine in 8th grade and i havent changed. if it aint broke, dont fix it. for my top lashes i use all drug store finds by Maybelline — in this exact order: XXL, Lash Discovery , Full N Soft & Volum Express OD i know, but it works amazingly. On my bottom lashed i will only ever use japanese protein based mascara by Kevin Aucoin or Blinc

Anonymous: When are you going to post some pictures of you in just a bra?

ummmm ….. you clearly dont follow my boyfriends blog princehomme and MINYgang

Anonymous: ok, so it's that time of year also getting late in the game, what do girls need for christmas ie presents(makeup, clothes, books or anything nice?) what do you think? any suggestions are much appreciated.

makeup: i would say brushes are a great gift, theyre worth every penny. cute containers to store them in as well. I’m also really into the stila stay all day liquid lipstick. ITS AMAZING matte and literally lasts all day with no run at all, and doesnt dry out your lips like MAC does. Any skincare product too by Caudalie or Aesop is amazing for your skin.

clothes: great pieces from Wang Or Helmut Lang, theyre simple so its timeless and you can wear the shit out of them.

books: right now im reading The Intuitive Way , Lovemarks and The Ethical Slut, which isnt totally applicable for most peoples relationships. But if youre into being open, honest and fulfilled, its a great read.

Anonymous: "i know that ass" yours? We miss your ass, its great

hahahhahhahah caught me. yes that ass does belong to me. 

Anonymous: seeing life is actually helping me. Thank you for sharing your life on the internet. Please keep it that way. I don't know, all of this may some creepy, but you're a bit of a role model for me, even thought I live across the ocean.

thank you sooo much. thats so sweet of you and not creepy at all. creepy would be the fake myspace/facebook accounts of me that have been sent to me.

i dont plan on changing. i love sharing some of the things im going through. i would say im so honest because no matter how “cool” someones life looks, there is ALWAYS shit. and people need to show the dualities of life. its not always the cool kid table filled with intelligent people who are not only talented but bettering themselves. trust me theres more shit filling the day than that. and honesty has always saved me. thanks for the love if i can effect one person positively, then it makes me think im doing something right when i feel lost. <3 xx


Anonymous: You don't know me and I can't say I know you but, I guess it's just time for me to tell you. I've been following you on twitter/instagram/tumblr for a while now. I first felt jealous of you (I don't even know why). But I then realized we actually had similar personnalities. I just wanted you to know that I'm not "jealous" anymore, and that all you write and say and show about how you feel and who you are on the internet is really helping me with myself. Your philosophy and your way of

question continued and answer in next post ….

toss up for the next tattoo im thinking is going to draw on sacred geometry / energy meridians oooooor be inspired by the work of thomas hooper & the illustrations of ernst haeckel. …. thoughts guys?

regardless i know its gonna be amazing cause mikey dwitt is gonna be doing it, the man does all my ink

Anonymous: what sign are you? listening to you speak about your life and the person you are, makes me relate on so many levels

Aww <3 I’m a Pisces.